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Dress shopping

Today I tried on 50 different versions of the exact same dress. And all of them made me look like shit. This holiday season every woman is going to be dressed exactly the same. What the hell?

Finally found a different style that suited me but all they had left was size 6, so I better not exhale at the wedding next weekend!

Fashion is entirely beyond me.

I did pick up a tshirt that said 'I heart baddies' with a pic of the Joker on the front and the Riddler on the back that I had to buy, just to make me feel better. Because I felt such a failure for not finding something at this point.

You go to a dozen shops and look like a dog's dinner in each and every replicate of 'this season's dress' that you try on, you just have to buy SOMETHING.

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I don't go for what everyone thinks is fashion, and it sucks that most of what is in the stores is what 'everyone' thinks is the 'it' thing this season ...

I just try to find things I look cute in ...

I'm glad you found a dress you liked ... although breathing is kind of a necessity ;)

It was a struggle to find something different. Every shop I went into, there was a version of that bloody dress mocking me!

Breathing is over rated. I'll just have to make do.

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