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Merlin ep5
Merlin - *g*

Poor Merlin! Just when he thinks he's getting his feelings about Arthur sorted out a dashing stranger comes rushing in to save his life and Merlin starts crushing on him SO HARD!

He gets so confused he has to ask Gwen's opinion on which one she'd go for. Oh Merlin, wrong choice of people to ask. That boy is oblivious on a Clarkian scale. Besides, hils already has the answer; THREESOME!

OK, so lets recap.

*deep breath*

Merlin wants Lancelot, who seems to want Merlin back, but also seems to be interested in Arthur and definately in Gwen, who likes Lancelot back but also likes Merlin who in addition to crushing on Lancelot totally wants Arthur who wants Merlin back and is probably annoyed he didn't get to dress him up for an entire episode despite also possibly having a thing for Morgana who may reciprocate despite OMG POSSIBLE INCEST!

*gasps for air*

Don't even get me started on where Uther and Gaius fit into it.


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I'm sure that slash this heavy handed couldn't possibly be accidental, but maybe he has a really skewed way of playing admiration? Nah, they've got to be doing it on purpose.

Just had a look at your journal (I like to know who I'm talking to) and you seem to watch most of the shows I'm watching. Mind if I friend you? Particulary for Fringe. Very few people on my flist seem to be talking about it.

Edited at 2008-10-19 08:58 pm (UTC)

Yay! That would be great. I have no one to talk about Fringe with either! Have friended you :-)

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