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I write like
Douglas Adams

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possibly because I mentioned dolphins alot. lol

So it been... um... a while..
whats going on

Quite a long while, in fact. Don't exactly have triumphant comeback in mind. I'm just saying hey to everyone who's still here and still remembers me! I plan to be around again. Time to fill the big fandom shaped hole in my online life.

I hope you're all ok and any major drama that's gone on has at least been entertaining drama!

So um.... hi guys!

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Bats *facepalm*
Is there anything more annoying than when every single file you can find of a episode of something has audio that's just slightly off? Or fine for a little while but buggered up when it cuts back from commercials? I HATE it being out of sync.

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Homer - beer bring pain!
Woke up this morning with the taste of tequila in my mouth and only vague memories of last night.

I remember the wedding pretty clearly. One of the brides wore a russet evening gown and the other was dressed as what can best be described as a toy soldier. I have no idea.

It was adorable though and very her.

So all that is fairly clear, although the free bar did me no favours. A bunch of us went to a club after and I accidentally got left behind as each of the two groups assumed I was in the other taxi. Cue bursting into drunken tears. Twice. Once at the wedding and again when the club's bouncer wanted me to queue up outside on my own for about half an hour before joining them inside. It worked though, he let me in to go yell at all my friends and demand tequila shots as reconpense for being left behind...... aaaannd thats about all I remember.

I would LOVE to know how I lost about half a toe nail and got this huge throbbing bruise on my leg. Actually, stike that. I think I may be better off in ignorance.

Dress shopping

Today I tried on 50 different versions of the exact same dress. And all of them made me look like shit. This holiday season every woman is going to be dressed exactly the same. What the hell?

Finally found a different style that suited me but all they had left was size 6, so I better not exhale at the wedding next weekend!

Fashion is entirely beyond me.

I did pick up a tshirt that said 'I heart baddies' with a pic of the Joker on the front and the Riddler on the back that I had to buy, just to make me feel better. Because I felt such a failure for not finding something at this point.

You go to a dozen shops and look like a dog's dinner in each and every replicate of 'this season's dress' that you try on, you just have to buy SOMETHING.

If you build it they will come
Merlin - *g*
They certainly seem to be getting their monies worth out of that cell set on Merlin! LOL probably only have 4 sets.

So who will be in jail next week? It's like Smallville Medical Centre. Once they've gone to the trouble of building a set EVERYONE has to have a scene there.

Merlin ep5
Merlin - *g*
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God bless Peter Kay
buffy - hah!
Britains got the Pop Factor and possibly a new celebrity Jesus Christ Soap Star Super Star Strictly on Ice

There had to be a cumupence for all the reality tv shows. I haven't LOL'd that hard in a long while.

This is just sad
SPN - the boys
Sat with my parents, who are watching Antiques Road Show. Someone brought in a rifle and now they're talking about the history of Samuel Colt and I'm squeeing.

Most tenuous of squee worthy links. Maybe I should just go to bed.

The truth about Castiel

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