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Bats *facepalm*
Is there anything more annoying than when every single file you can find of a episode of something has audio that's just slightly off? Or fine for a little while but buggered up when it cuts back from commercials? I HATE it being out of sync.

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Oh god, I hate that. It spoils it totally!

It's looking like I'm just going to have to suck it up and deal with it for the SPN ep I'm attempting to watch now. I really hope my laptop survives the experience.

No: nothing is more annoying than that. It's pretty much the worst ever and bugs me so much I sometimes don't even catch up on my shows! You are not alone in this!

Well, I've given up on SPN for today, but mostly because I think I've gotten confused with eps. I was almost willing to deal with the out of sync audio.

Is the pumpkin head ep a 2 parter? So lost.

I've only seen through last week's Halloween episode 4x07, because I've been dreading the audio problem!

But some nice pirate from wedontsendit has the eps available to download in mp4. So I've been waiting for them there and just watching on my Zune.

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