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If you build it they will come
Merlin - *g*
They certainly seem to be getting their monies worth out of that cell set on Merlin! LOL probably only have 4 sets.

So who will be in jail next week? It's like Smallville Medical Centre. Once they've gone to the trouble of building a set EVERYONE has to have a scene there.

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(Deleted comment)
Money is an issue! Just look at the special effects!

Hee! I never even noticed the jail thing. How funny!!!

So far we've had Merlin, Gwen, Arthur, all of the servant's of whatshisname in Poison Chalice, and Lancelot. Gaius hasn't been there yet. I bet his time is coming!

Which will just leave Uther and Morgana

I can't wait for the episode where Uther has to arrest himself ;)

I'm guessing that will only happen when Nimueh takes power by making Uther seem crazy and possessing Arthur.

They will find a plotty way to get EVERYONE into that cell.

Ha ha! I was thinking we could start organising a sweepstake. Bonus points for your assigned character being both a) jailed and b) mortally ill by sorcery in the same episode.

LOL I love it! I think I'd go for an outside runner and put my money on Gwen's dad. Already mortally ill by scorcery once, but still unjailed.

You could be on to a winner there! My money's on Gaius - he's been strangely lucky on both jail and illness front so far....

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